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Below you will find some examples of my work and specialties in photography


Since 2008 I have been the official photographer for the Argentine Embassy in the United States. This has given me and gives me the opportunity to photograph government meetings, document the different activities carried out during their visits by international committees, both in the spring and autumn meetings of the World Bank, as well as the visits of delegations of Argentine representatives and senators.

Of these activities, I can highlight the opportunity to be the only photographer who covered a meeting of the Minister of the Economy and the Presidents of the Central Bank of the G20 during the presidency of Argentina.


Galas and trade events have always been a challenge in my profession and I really enjoy being able to document them. Some of the events that I was able to cover were the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Argentine School, the 208th anniversary of the May Revolution, the Argentine Heritage Polo Tournament, the Malbec World Day, among many others.


Concerts and exhibitions are my favorite events to cover. Every year the Argentine Embassy offers a great variety of cultural events which I had the honor of being able to record with my camera. At the local level, I also had the opportunity to take photos for 3 consecutive years of the shows held at the Fort Reno Concert Series between 2011 and 2013 and shows of bands of different musical styles.