If you are here it is because you accepted my invitation to know my new project “The Postcard Project”.
Thank you so much.

The idea of ​​The Postcard Project was born just before the pandemic as a club to exchange postcards but, with the arrival of the coronavirus and the quarantine, the idea of ​​the club was put aside to put together a project whose main reason is to try to be in contact with our loved ones through small prints with a short message, that is, a postcard.

For the 2021 edition I tried to choose those photographs that best represent my vision of photography, particularly street photography.

If you received this invitation it is because in the past you have supported me in my other projects and to thank you in some way I am offering you the pack of 25 postcards for just $20 and free shipping.(USA & Argentina only)

In addition, if your get your pack before April 30th, your name will be printed on the back of the box that contains the pack of postcards.

Again, thank you very much for your constant support and I hope you enjoy this edition and future editions.