Using Cinestill film

Taking photos on film leads me to have to choose which roll to put in the camera every time the previous one runs out.I usually carry two cameras with me, one with a color film roll and the other with monochromatic film, and although I take more photos with monochromatic film, there are situations in which color does not “distract” me.In my opinion, these situations are difficult to find, but when they appear and if I have the right film, the images that come out are impressive.

This photo was taken with Cinestill film, a film that is used to make movies and that is cut to fit 35mm cameras. What I like most about this film is the mood it generates when it takes pictures illuminated with fluorescent light.

I took this photo at Metro Center station during rush hour and if you want an print yo, u just have to click on the image.

As always, thank you very much for your constant support.